Tuesday, April 24, 2007

morning pages - to do or not to do

it's still here. the block i mean. it's interesting...i got busy, but more motivations (or inspirations) are starting to hit me. i need to go back to doing the morning pages. the morning pages are a crucial component of the artist's way by julia cameron. you're supposed to write 3 pages of stream of consciousness without editing yourself. it's a great tool, but i tend to shun it because of my extensive morning routine. i'll do them for awhile, and can tell they are beginning to loosen the block, but when time is of the essence, it's the first thing to get cut.

isn't that sad though? to know you have a tool that works, but to neglect it? the pages are supposed to be done first thing in the morning - a brain drain. i tell myself they will work no matter what time i do them. but if i don't do them before getting out of bed in the morning, it doesn't happen. i have yet to do them 21 days in a row, so they've never become a habit.

just another good idea, wasted.

but i'm typing it now as a strong reminder to my subconscious (and my conscious mind of course); i need to re-institute the morning pages. i even considered blogging my 3 pages. i have found i do 3 pages in 18-20 minutes. so if i type for exactly 20 minutes, wouldn't that get it? ms. cameron says you need to put hand to paper. parts of me agree. my best writing has come when a pencil (not a pen) was in my hand. but i don't know. at this point i just need to write. however it comes out.

maybe i'll start them again tomorrow...