Saturday, April 18, 2009


And so we knew it was going on, but the Obama Administration's release of the torture memos brings it to light. More accurately, it shows the lengths to which the Bush Administration was willing to go to make torture "legal." 

The big show down now is whether or not to prosecute those responsible. Obama, at first blush, says no. Though some believe that really he's leaving the door open by splitting hairs. I'm not sure. I do know Obama is very smart, very shrewd, very strategic. So he isn't making any decisions lightly.

Keith Olbermann is urging Obama to prosecute (see below).  I have mixed reviews. I believe people who mistreat people in that way should be held to justice, but I admittedly have a hard time seeing the former President (no matter how awful a leader I thought he was), fall so hard. In the end, the public outcry is strong enough, Bush and those responsible for torture will see justice done.

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish does some nice recaps about the memos and the blogosphere's reaction.

Does Satan Exist?

An interesting question to be sure. Posed on Nightline recently with four guests: Annie, Pastor Mark, Deepak Chopra and Bishop Pearson. Four very diverse people with divergent views on reality, love, God and evil.  Sometimes people get so defensive and argumentative that it's hard to have a productive conversation. This happened a few times here, but still worth the watch: