Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Might Be a Traitor...

You might be a traitor if you're planning to commit a treasonous act...

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Leave Health Care ALONE!

Hilarious parody capturing many of the status quo arguments against health care reform generally:

Public Option - Down But Not Out

Today Senators Rockefeller and Schumer proposed amendments to the now famous Baucus bill. Specifically, these amendments added a public option. I'm still not clear on the differences in the two versions, but it was clear the Senate Finance Committee preferred  Senator Schumer's version.

Still, they both failed. Rockefeller's failed 8-15. Schumer's was much closer and more disappointing at 10-13. Baucus, citing his fear of the bill failing to pass the Senate with these amendments, voted no on both.

But it ain't over yet. Other committees can include the public option in their bill. Or once the house votes and the Senate votes, it can still be included in the final merged bill.

I think this is just stirring the pot. Progressives are ready to fight.

Should Inmates Vote?

Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP just tweeted the following (@BenJealous):
Every American who wants to vote, should be able to. Even inmates should be allowed to take this path. It is the essence of civil society.
But I'm not sure I agree. I believe all free citizens should be able to vote. This means ex-convicts, who have served time and have "repaid their debt to society" (whatever that means), should have voting rights restored. Some states do this already, but not all.

But when you're in prison, you don't have same rights as free people. That's the point of imprisonment! Yes, you should be treated humanely, but no, I don't think you should be electing officials to govern society. I'm not firm on this. This is my knee-jerk opinion.

What do you think?

Update: Since I composed this post, I had a very challenging conversation. Challenging meaning challenging the original thinking and pushing me to consider other ideas.  I'm looking for the best way to compile Tweets to accurately portray what was discussed and the evolution of my thinking. More later.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn Beck & White Culture

Glenn Beck vs. Katie Couric. No contest really. Asked to explain what he meant by "white culture," Glenn was rendered speechless. Watch below:

Still More from the Ultra Right

How's this for headline?

Right-Wing Conference Tells Activists to Get Their Guns Ready for ‘Bloody Battle” with Obama the Nazi.

Yeah, you read it right. There’s more.

Facebook Polls, Twitter, and POTUS

Last night, an interesting tweet came across my feed. It was retweeted by other folks I follow and began making the rounds. What made this tweet so interesting? It referenced Facebook poll about President Obama. Actually the poll asked "Should Obama Be Killed?"

There are no words. The tweep who originally posted the story then contacted the Secret Service who took this matter very seriously and launched an investigation right away. More here.

Your Taxes Pay Rapists

ACORN gets all the headlines and all the punishment, while Halliburton/KBR is still overseas committing crimes and fraud. With our money. The latest? A gang-rape of an employee. Really.

How much does healthcare cost anyway?

Washington Post's Ezra Klein tells us if we knew how much healthcare runs, we'd stop tiptoeing our way to reform and run headlong, screaming.

Healthcare CEOs Living High on the Hog

Think Wall Street’s titans are the highest paid C.E.O.’s in the land? Think again. With median annual compensation of more than $12 million, medical moguls take the pay prize, even as the quality of care we receive falls to embarrassing lows. As the debate over health-care reform intensifies, the author catalogues the industry’s unbridled profiteering. 

Read the rest here.

Neocons vs. Obama (again)

Andrew Sullivan shares his and others' opinions on our President's master diplomacy of late. 

Another great post here.

G8 vs. G20

The world's 8 richest nations, referred to collectively as the G8, were were primarily responsible for worldwide economic policy. But in a recent move, the G20, representing 85% of the world's economy, will take part in the decision-making.  Read more here.

Comedy Break - #RHOA

In addition to the serious info I've been sharing lately, I wanna spread a little laughter on the Interwebs too. For those who love/hate/boycott the Real Housewives of Atlanta, here's a little something to make you chuckle.