Sunday, July 13, 2008

Healthy Living

So this is my new place for recording my health progress. Have had many many great days and lots of okay days. BP is stable when I exercise regularly, so I guess that's my new medicine. Let's keep a record and see.

Today so far:
-Walked 1 mile/ jogged 1 mile (small strides, no stopping)
-Ate organic cereal, drank a protein mix, ate yogurt with granola, took my vitamins.
-BP: 120/91 Pulse 69 (1:30 p.m.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i am from

i am from nappy hair being straightened in the kitchen
i am from the middle class
i am from weekly visits to the library, and summers in savannah
i am from running through the water sprinkler and laughing with cousins

i am from heart break - parents who loved me, loved cards, and loved a good joke

i am from grandfathers who went to college
i am from high expectations

i am from all black schools with all black teachers
i am from scrabble and monopoly, the cosby show and a different world
i am from opinionated family members

i am from shyness and introspection
i am from listening and observing
i am from writing

i am from loud music on saturday mornings - the temptations, the four tops, and studio 54
i am from track, spanish, band, cheerleading, and dance after school

i am from marshmallows in the fireplace and blinking lights on christmas trees

i am from tenacity
i am from stability

i am from love