Saturday, June 2, 2007

listening in

i feel like writing today. nothing special comes to mind, but still. i wrote yesterday and was really proud of it actually. eventually it will appear on another blog. maybe i'll post it here too. i'll wait though, out of respect for the original "publisher."

anyway, i'm excited b/c the writer in me is becoming more vocal. i have more ideas now and am (slowly) learning to honor the voice when it speaks to me. i prayed for 10 premises/ideas. i haven't been counting, but they've certainly been coming. i know vic is the basis for several ideas - including "the peace lily." i don't know if 'lily' will be a short story, a play, a missive, or what, but i do know it's a moving story.

i've considered applying for the young writer's group with the SGI. it's a pretty serious application - no need to apply unless you really do mean it. you get to write for the world tribune and the living buddhism. you have to write one article a month for each. awesome. and definitely doable.

as carlos would say, "now is the time."

now is also the time to update my website. i say content coming soon, but what does that mean? i have all my content posted on the server, but not linked on the site. i need to fix that....

maybe i'll do it today.