Sunday, June 3, 2007


Triplets. Husband says stop kicking me. Wife goes ballistic. Husband escapes to make phone call to dad. Whispers the story. Dad laughs, tells him to apologize.
Hello baby - and he kisses her stomach - Oliver
Peace Lily
30 Million Trees 5-8
30 Million Trees from the tree's POV

  • You'll never be successful
  • You talk too much - women should be seen and not heard
  • Your goal is ridiculous; just give up!

It's with the struggle you gain your sincerity
To beat into shape; to move ahead with difficulty ?
How to Use the Practice to win
Lessons from the Hydragena
Winter Roses (rosebush - cycle of life and death)

NMRK - Cinderella story (GH=FGMother)

Runner's mark