Friday, July 10, 2009

I Learn From You

Today I posted a status on Facebook that basically thanked all my friends for their status updates. I didn’t feel I did a good job sharing what I was feeling, so I jotted this poem (I guess that’s what it is). I know some people feel social networking is not a good thing, but I think it has added a positive dimension in my life. Cheers to Facebook, Twitter and IM. J


When you announce your wedding anniversary, I learn from you.

I learn that even though 50% of marriages end in divorce, 50% do not. Couples can have difficulties and manage to stay together and cherish each other over the years. I learn hope and possibility. And patience.

When you share your travel plans and photographs, I learn from you.

I learn that there is a huge world out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. It’s not healthy or necessary to live life in small boxes, or in front of them. I can expand my mind by expanding the sights I see - whether I go across the world, or across the street.

When you post your sad news of loved ones, I learn from you.

I learn that tomorrow is not promised. I should live all I can today, and work to encourage that understanding in others. I should love my loved ones while they are here and take advantage of the opportunities that come my way.

When you reveal your daily struggles, I learn from you.

I learn to have a bigger, more compassionate heart. It’s not always “about me” and my daily inconveniences. We all could use a pick me up now and then. If we stop focusing on self and focus on each other, we can collectively move forward in this thing called life.

When you proclaim your victories, I learn from you.

I learn that when one person wins, we all win, because the forces for good were expanded in that moment. Your smile is my smile. Your joy is my joy. I do not have to wish it was me; I can simply be glad for you and hold you high in your moment of triumph.

Thank you so much to all of those who share dreams, blogs, pictures, thoughts, poems, videos and songs, love, and sadness with us. We are truly interconnected, and when we take the moment to read, listen or experience the life of another, we are learning – and we are living.