Wednesday, May 23, 2007

checking in

so far so good. on the memoir writing i mean. i haven't been writing everyday, but i've been working on it everyday if that makes sense.

had a major breakthrough yesterday. i was looking for letters and cards i've sent my mom over the years. only found a couple though i know a few more are hiding somewhere. but...i did find a letter from kendall. two actually. it broke my heart all over again. i think that might be a separate something. memoir, short story, something. he was a beautiful, intelligent black man, literally in the last weeks of his master's program and he shot himself in the head.

i was sick for days.

and though that was over 10 years ago, i cried like we loved and lost yesterday.

there's a lot shifting in my life, and i thank shiloh for that. (shiloh is an obscure reference to a particular person). :-). it's good though. and i feel more and more like a writer each day. that's great.

it really is the process over the product. i finally get that now. but i pray everyday to find the service in my process, so my product will be needed, received, embraced by those it should uplift.

so far so good.