Tuesday, May 1, 2007

not my ty.pe.

i have now seen one whole movie and most of one play recorded for DVD. in a word - unbelievable.

unbelievable as in i can't believe it. he's a millionaire, with no talent. he is my motivation to stop thinking and 'do the d*mn thing' as the quote unquote "cool" people say. the acting, directing and writing of this particular play was horrid if present at all. the singing, or more accurately, sanging, was off the chain. thankfully.

but that's what it was about - the songs. every scene had no other purpose but to set up a song. there was no premise, no plot, no purpose really for the production other than to move you with song. may as well had been a concert with a little narration in between.

it was sad indeed, yet it was just the right pepper i needed to start kicking things up a notch or two.

slowly but surely

so i've done the morning pages - two whole mornings in a row. hurray! the sad part is, i have to be somewhere at 7 in the morning. something has to get cut. is it the daimoku, the yoga or the morning pages? really, two of the three will be cut tomorrow. i think the pages are on the chopping block.

however, the good news is, there may be an opportunity to make them up. i really do like doing them - i just don't like getting up early to do them. :-). but they work. ideas have started to trickle in already. they are small, more like a dripping faucet than anything else...but of course, if you let the faucet drip long enough the sink, tub, bathroom will overflow.